About Veterinary Medicine

Among the agricultural sectors, animal husbandry has the most opportunity to create added value. Apart from the livestock meat, milk and other animal products industry, it also makes a great contribution to the economy by creating new employment areas with the pharmaceutical, feed and livestock equipment industries based directly on livestock.

Veterinary Medicine profession; It bears very important responsibilities on issues concerning the survival of humanity such as animal health and breeding, public health and food safety. It is seen that most of the health expenditures in developed countries are for preventive medicine, and this is primarily aimed at healthy nutrition, healthy living and not getting sick. It is seen that serious investments in the health sector in our country are very costly and a large part of our country’s resources are consumed in health expenses. Instead, it should be aimed to raise healthy individuals with less cost to preventive medicine and healthy nutrition. Thus, both the expenditures in the health sector of our country will decrease and healthy generations will be achieved.