Dean’s Message

Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is one of the youngest representatives of the Veterinary Medicine profession, one of the oldest professions in history, in our country, and it is the first Veterinary Faculty of Izmir. Our faculty, which has been trying to complete its development rapidly since its establishment, operates in the Kiraz district of Izmir.

Its aim is not only to contribute to the high livestock potential of the region, but also to serve the region and the country in a multifaceted manner with the aspects of food safety, public health, wildlife and preventive medicine. For this purpose, the innovations of both science and technology are followed up-to-date and acted with the sense of responsibility imposed by the “One Health” concept.

Since Veterinarians are at the center of public health, we work with the ideal of giving quality graduates by mobilizing all opportunities for the quality and healthy progress of all stages from “farm to fork”. All our stages are planned and progressing according to national and international accreditation.

B.C. The detection of “Medicina humanitem curat, veterinaria humanitatem” (Human physicians save people, veterinarians save humanity), made in 1200 years, is still up-to-date. The pandemic experienced in recent years and the active role of veterinarians in its fight are appreciated all over the world. In addition to the animal vaccines routinely produced in Turkey, the production of the first inactivated vaccine for COVID, under the leadership of Veterinarians, has increased our responsibility even more.

With the awareness of all these responsibilities, it is our main priority to work to train Veterinarians who will serve the State of the Republic of Turkey, comply with Ethical and Deontological rules, are qualified, reliable, have professional competence and have strong social aspects.  

Kind regards

Prof. Dr. Zafer BULUT

            THE DEAN